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What is Aluminum Sheet Metal?


From the classification logic point of view, the aluminum plate used in the building decoration industry is mainly divided into “aluminum veneer” and “composite board” two types.

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Aluminum veneer refers to the use of aluminum alloy plate as the base material, after chrome treatment, then through CNC bending and other technology molding, using fluorocarbon or powder spraying technology, processing formed a new building decoration material. We often say that wood grain transfer aluminum plate, punching aluminum plate, imitation stone aluminum plate, mirror aluminum plate and so on all belong to this kind of aluminum plate.


Aluminum composite board is a general term, mainly refers to the chemical treated aluminum coated plate (aluminum veneer) as the surface material through a variety of complex processing means, composite on the suitable base material, and finally form aluminum composite board. According to the different base materials, aluminum composite plate has different material properties.


For example, the common aluminum-plastic plate is the composite plate of plastic + aluminum veneer, which not only retains the characteristics of plastic materials, but also overcomes the shortage of plastic materials through metal materials.