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How to choose aluminum sheet?



Question 1: How to choose the aluminum sheet suitable for your product?

1. First of all, you need to confirm the demand for aluminum sheets of your own products. Do you need special patterns, properties, and colors? Are there any special requirements for the thickness of the aluminum sheet? What kind of effect does the aluminum sheet need to show? Wait, after confirming these, we can proceed to the next step;

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2. Select the appropriate manufacturer and the type of aluminum sheet purchased according to the needs.

It should be noted that good manufacturers attach great importance to product protection. Therefore, if you want to observe the quality of aluminum sheets, you must first look at the packaging of aluminum sheets.

Secondly, look at the surface of the aluminum sheet. The surface of a good aluminum sheet is free from defects such as roll marks, black spots, scratches, oil spots, corrosion, fission, etc. The sheet shape of the whole aluminum sheet is flat and there will be no obvious bending;

And the diagonal of the single aluminum sheet is the same, when the whole aluminum sheet is neatly placed, the length and width of each aluminum sheet will be the same.

3. We can use micrometer, meter ruler, vernier caliper and other measuring tools to measure the thickness, width, length, unevenness, diagonal and other products of the aluminum sheet. At least three points are selected for each measurement to measure the size or error of the aluminum sheet. Whether it is uniform and whether it is within the national standard, this can help us screen out the aluminum sheets with better quality and more suitable for our products;

Question 2: How much is the price of aluminum sheet more appropriate?

Regarding this question, we take the 1mm thick aluminum sheet that is more commonly used on the market as an example to answer:

First of all, there are many types of aluminum sheets, different types, grades, and prices are also different. The most basic thing is to refer to the price of Changjiang aluminum ingots. Generally, the price of aluminum sheets is increased on the price of Changjiang aluminum ingots. Each additional process adds a step. The processing cost of the final calculation is the price of the finished aluminum sheet.

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