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How To Distinguish The Quality of Aluminum Strip?


Choose and buy aluminum belt or pay attention to its specific quality, after all, this kind of material is to be used in some key positions, if there is a quality problem, it will also have a great impact. So how do we identify the quality of the aluminum strip?

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Comparison of flexibility and strength
This kind of material has a certain degree of flexibility and strength, so it is still necessary to do a good job in the purchase of aluminum belt identification. At least to ensure that it is not easy to bend, but also to see whether it is easy to deformation and so on. Generally, there will be a certain degree of rebound after bending, and the better toughness of the product is really worth us to buy.

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Pay attention to the condition of the primer
In fact, the quality of the primer can also be directly determined how good its quality is. Mainly plays a certain protective role, if the quality of the primer is not good, or there are problems, then it will also affect its long-term service life.

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The condition of the covering membrane
When you buy aluminum belt, you should also pay attention to the situation of the covering film, to see the position of the edge, if you can lift, then the quality of the film is certainly there are problems. If it can not be opened, at least it has proved that the basic quality of the film is still very good, and can also meet our daily use needs.