Henan Yongsheng offers high-quality aluminum foil with a thickness range of 0.006-0.2mm. Our superior рулон алюминиевой фольги products are widely used in medicine packaging, food packaging, cable foil, milk cover material, sealing foil, and more. As a leading industrial aluminum foil factory, we have a strong production capacity, with a daily output of 1500 tons of aluminum sheet and foil. Our products are customizable to meet your specific needs. Choose Yongsheng for exceptional products and long-term supply capabilities.

  Aluminum Foil Roll Advantages  

01. Поверхность алюминиевой фольги чрезвычайно чиста и гигиенична, на ней не могут расти бактерии и микроорганизмы.
02. Алюминиевая фольга является нетоксичным упаковочным материалом, она может находиться в непосредственном контакте с пищевыми продуктами без каких-либо опасений, которые могут угрожать здоровью человека.
03. Алюминиевая фольга - безвкусный и не имеющий запаха упаковочный материал, который не вызывает специфического запаха у упакованных продуктов.
04. No matter in high temperature or low temperature, there will be no grease penetration in aluminum foil jumbo roll.
05. Если сама алюминиевая фольга не летуча, то она и упакованный в нее продукт никогда не высохнут и не сморщатся.
06. Алюминиевая фольга обладает хорошей пластичностью, поэтому ее можно использовать для упаковки изделий различной формы. Можно также произвольно формировать различные формы контейнеров.
07. Алюминиевая фольга - непрозрачный упаковочный материал, поэтому она хорошо подходит для упаковки продуктов, подверженных воздействию солнечного света, например, маргарина.
Алюминиевая фольга

  Industria Aluminium Foil Jumbo Roll Manufacturing Process  

1235 Aluminum Foil 1 1
Продукт Название 
Рулон алюминиевой фольги
Поставщик Алюминиевая фольга для общественного питания, серебристая алюминиевая фольга, алюминиевая фольга для упаковки продуктов питания
Толстая фольга, средняя фольга, легкая фольга
Тип сплава
1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 1235, 3003, 3004, 5052, 8006, 8011, 8021, 8079
Thickness &Tolerance
0,006 ~ 0,2 мм
10 мм ~ 1500 мм
O ~ H112
Удельный вес (МПа)
0 ~ 560 МПа
Предельная прочность
70 ~ 550 МПа
Medicine packaging, food packaging, Aluminum foil tape, Meal box materials, Drug capsules, Tape foil, etc
3 ton
Срок поставки
7-25 days after order confirmation
Порт загрузки
Qingdao Port,Tianjin Port,Shanghai port, etc.
Ценовые условия
FOB, CIF, CFR, CNF и т.д.
ASTMB209, EN573-1S и др.
ISO, RoHS, etc
Наша служба

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  Our Factory  

Алюминиевый завод

is located in Gongyi city industrial cluster area, Henan province, China. Yongsheng is a aluminum sheet/coil/foil manufacturer with 18 years experience. Our factory focuses on the production and development of aluminum products such as алюминиевый лист, aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum strip, color coated aluminum, aluminum circle disc, embossed aluminum, aluminum checkered plate, mirror aluminum sheet and non-slip aluminum sheet.

All our products are produced independently, with fast delivery, high quality guarantee, available price and professional customer service staff to you with quality service. Welcome to visit the factory and look forward to establishing a long-term and good business relationship with you.


Henan Yongsheng Aluminum Co., Ltd . is located in Gongyi City Industrial Cluster Area, Henan Province. The factory focuses on the production of aluminum products such as Aluminum Strip, Color Aluminum Coil/Sheet, Aluminum Sheet , Aluminum Coil, Embossed Aluminum Coil/Sheet, Mirror Aluminum Coil/Sheet.The factory covers an area of 100,000 square meters, has 476 employees, has 20 casting processing production lines,2 color coated aluminum coil production lines, 3 slitting production lines, 4 shearing production lines, 32 punch presses, 10 CNC lathes, 4 The embossed aluminum production line has an annual output of more than 200,000 tons,and exports account for more than 40%.

1 – We can provide samples for free.We can send the samples by TNT,DHL,FEDEX,EMS,UPS or to your warehouse.

2 – Always a pre-production sample before mass production.

3 – Always final Inspection before shipment.

4 – Products meet ASTM(American standard), GB/T(national standard), EN AW(European standard);

5 – We can provide quality inspection certificate, ISO certificate.

There are 10000 tons stock for various size.plsease inform us what model you need, we will send stock details to you.

Our normal produce time is 7-25 working days,depend on your order.

This will depend on the size and weight of your order and the method of shipping.

Of course, if you don’t work with a shipping company.We have a long-term cooperation of the transport team can provide you with lower prices, better service.

No damage, we will affix a low viscosity protective film on the surface of the product, effectively avoid scratches, easy to

uncover when using, and will not leave stains on the surface.For long distance transportation we have professional experience,familiar with the packaging and arrangement of the goods, let the goods safely arrive at your destination.

1 – 20 years experience in aluminum industry.

2 – Source manufacturers, leading equipment, excellent team skills.

3 – Low price, fast delivery and excellent quality, good service.

4 – Professional technical solution.