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Yongsheng Brushed Gold Aluminum Sheet


If you’re an enthusiast of unique creative designs, brushed gold aluminum sheets by Yongsheng stand out as a décor and artistic finishing like no other.

Henan Yongsheng Aluminum Co., Ltd., under the umbrella of Henan Xintai Aluminum Co., Ltd., is a powerhouse in the aluminum manufacturing sector. Established in 1999, the factory spans 380,000 square meters with a robust workforce of 2100 individuals. Over the years, the company has bagged numerous accolades, becoming one of the Top 100 Enterprises in Henan Province and earning the Golden Prize for Economy and Efficiency Cup and Top 30 Enterprises in Zhengzhou.


Yongsheng offers a variety of aluminum products, with the brushed gold aluminum sheets standing out with its distinct golden look with a brushed finish. Giving off a sense of luxury and classic elegance, these sheets are ideally suited for interior and exterior design, ranging from kitchen appliances, wall paneling to artistic installations.

Yet, the beauty of Yongsheng’s brushed gold aluminum sheets is more than skin deep. Their impressive versatility and durability make them a preferred choice for professionals. Yongsheng’s innovation continues to shine, as evidenced by our production line’s capability to produce coating sheets ranging from 1.0-4.0mm, a first in China.

Yongsheng has spent years perfecting the quality and composition of our brushed gold aluminum sheets. The sheets are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly resistant to corrosion, long-lasting, and durable. Whether you are planning to use them for crafting, decoration, manufacturing, or even construction, you can be assured of getting superior quality aluminum sheets that will serve you excellently.

Moreover, the company is committed to pursuing innovative solutions, evident through the availability of marble look and wooden grain coating sheet and coil ranging from 0.3-4.0mm. The versatility and durability of our products reinforce our standing as a trusted supplier of ideal decoration material.

In its commitment to delivering quality that exceeds customer expectations, Yongsheng invites all its customers to visit the factory. Witness firsthand the thoroughness and cutting-edge technology incorporated in the production of these high-quality brushed gold aluminum sheets. An opportunity to glimpse the dedication and commitment of the workforce, lend credence to the company’s pursuit of excellence in aluminum production.

Join the Yongsheng family today, and let’s walk together in your journey towards quality and elegant finishing with our exquisite brushed gold aluminum sheets. Build with style, build with a touch of luxury, build with Yongsheng.