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Which industries are aluminum sheets mainly used for?


Pressed with aluminum ingots, the rectangular sheets formed by processing are called aluminum sheets. Aluminum sheets are usually divided by alloy composition and thickness specifications. Among them, according to the standard of alloy composition, aluminum sheet can be divided into high-purity aluminum sheet, pure aluminum sheet, alloy aluminum sheet, composite aluminum sheet and aluminum-clad aluminum sheet.

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In terms of thickness, aluminum sheets can be divided into thin sheets, conventional sheets, medium sheets, thick sheets and ultra-thick sheets.

Aluminum sheets are widely used in the production of walls, luggage, furniture, cabinets, electrical appliances, glass, car decoration, etc. that we often see in our lives. Aluminum sheets are often used. It can be said that our life is inseparable from aluminum sheets. Simply put, aluminum sheets are mainly used in the following industries:


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1. Construction industry. A large part of aluminum panels are used in the construction industry, mainly used to make curtain wall aluminum panels, decorative panels, aluminum doors and windows and decorative panels.

2. Light industry. Household appliances, hardware, glass and daily chemicals all need to use aluminum sheets, which are relatively common in our lives.

3. Packaging industry. Aluminum sheets are required for the manufacture of the outer packaging of our common toothpaste, candy, cosmetics, canned food and other items; at the same time, a large number of aluminum sheets are also used for the interior and exterior decoration of automobiles, and the railway industry also needs a large number of aluminum sheets.

4. Electronics industry. Aluminum sheets are required for the production of daily necessities such as televisions, speakers, radios, and military products such as radars for military products and tactical missile jackets.