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What Are The Common Uses of Aluminum Coil?


Introduction to the purpose of aluminum coil

Color coated aluminum coil

Aluminum coil after cleaning, chrome, roll coating, baking and other processing, aluminum coil surface with a variety of colors of paint coating, that is, color coated aluminum coil.

Because of its light texture, bright color, easy processing and forming, no rust and other advantages, color aluminum is widely used in aluminum plastic board, honeycomb board, insulation board, aluminum curtain wall, shutters, rolling curtain Windows, aluminum magnesium and manganese roofing system, aluminum ceiling, household appliances, downspouts, aluminum cans and many other fields.

Coated aluminum coil, because of the different types of surface paint, can be simply divided into polyester (PE) coated aluminum coil and fluorocarbon (PVDF) coated aluminum coil. Of course, there are cases where one side is coated with fluorocarbon and the other with polyester; There are even cases where both sides are coated with fluorocarbon.

Aluminum roll after embossing processing, also known as embossing aluminum roll, orange peel pattern, diamond pattern and other patterns.

Because of different uses, it is also usually called roofing material (aluminum magnesium manganese roofing system), ceiling material (do aluminum alloy ceiling), household appliance board (used in the interior and exterior decoration of household appliances), food material (food grade chrome and roll coating), drawing plate (the surface through drawing treatment), etc.

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Aluminum magnesium manganese alloy aluminum coil

Aluminum magnesium manganese alloy aluminum coil, after fluorocarbon roller coating processing, widely used in the country’s aircraft terminals, railway stations and many other landmark buildings. Because of its excellent quality in the industry widely praised.

Typical alloy states are: 3004H24, 3004H26, 3003H24;

Typical thickness range: 0.6mm, 0.7mm,0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm;

Width: according to customer requirements, cut 500mm, 600mm width;

Color: common sea blue, white silver gray, large wall gray and other colors.

Aluminum Strip 48 2

Aluminum coil for aluminum ceiling

Aluminum ceiling (aluminum ceiling) is widely used in airports, station waiting halls, subway stations, business buildings, shopping malls, hotels and other entertainment places and home decoration, is a more modern ideal interior decoration material.

The surface of the aluminum alloy ceiling is coated with polyester roller, which has rich color, light texture, environmental protection and no pollution. Fireproof, moisture-proof performance is good, does not change color, easy to clean and other characteristics. Products can be formed once, and plate type, smooth lines, installation and disassembly, easy maintenance, appearance effect is better.

Common alloy states are: 1060H18, 1060H24, 3003H24, 3003H26, 3004H24, 3004H26

Common thickness: 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm

Common width: any width between 200mm and 1300mm

Aluminum Strip 42 3

Aluminum coil for composite sheet

Aluminum-plastic composite board, referred to as aluminum-plastic board, is a new type of material which is processed by a series of processes and is composed of aluminum plate with surface treatment and coating paint as the surface, polyethylene plastic plate as the core layer.

Aluminum corrugated composite board is a kind of aluminum alloy panel, bottom plate and aluminum corrugated core vacuum composite made of aluminum alloy composite board.

The inner and outer layers of the aluminum alloy honeycomb plate are aluminum alloy sheet, and the middle sandwich is a hexagonal aluminum foil honeycomb core. The honeycomb core is made of structural adhesive bonded with the aluminum alloy surface plate.

Metal exterior wall insulation board surface for color coated aluminum plate, aluminum plate can be selected according to the design requirements of the finish, color, mainly plays a decorative role, and has good weather resistance, corrosion resistance, self-cleaning characteristics; The intermediate layer is polyurethane rigid foam, which has excellent thermal insulation performance.

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Aluminum roll for curtain door

Aluminum rolling shutter door has a wide range of uses, strong and durable, beautiful appearance, high strength, high toughness, corrosion resistance, fight against beating, scratch prevention, safety protection is more effective.

Commonly used aluminum alloy grade: A3105H26, A3003H18; A3005H26 etc.

Conventional thickness: 0.22mm, 0.23mm, 0.25mm, 0.26mm, 0.27mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm, etc.

Conventional width: 127mm,133mm, 138mm, 187mm, etc.

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Aluminum roll for shutters

Aluminum shutter series, aluminum curtain pieces of various styles and colors, the width of the leaves are 16mm, 25mm, 50mm; There are other monochrome, mesh, thickened pieces, color pieces and other options. Blinds have the advantages of simple structure, good rain and wind protection, light weight, convenient installation, etc. High-quality aluminum alloy blades plus lining accessories, easy to match a variety of styles of interior decoration design, so that blinds can be properly integrated into the interior space, whether it is residential, office buildings, public places, etc., can be combined with the architectural style of natural and harmonious.

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Aluminum coil for aluminum curtain wall

Aluminum curtain wall plate is a new type of curtain wall material, the main characteristics in the product lightweight, fire, waterproof, moth-proof, mildew proof, crack proof. Construction is convenient and simple, suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor decorative materials.

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Aluminum coil for household appliance plate

High-grade household appliance aluminum plate has the advantages of both organic polymer and thin substrate. It not only has the good coloring, formability, corrosion resistance and decoration of organic polymer, but also has the high strength and easy workability of thin plate. It can be easily blanking, bending, deep drawing and other deep processing, so that the products made of this material have excellent practicability and durability. At present, the new material is mainly produced by roll coating and film processing.

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Aluminum coil for gutter drain pipe

3105H24 and 3003H24 aluminum alloy are used for manufacturing aluminum gutter and downspout. Both sides of the aluminum roll are coated with PET paint. The front film thickness is 25-28um, the back film thickness is 15-18um, and the color is durable.

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Aluminum coil due to good mechanical properties, in the process of processing easy bending, welding, rail pressing forming, become