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What should we pay attention to when making aluminum sheets?


Presently aluminum sheet has turned into a sought-after material for embellishment. Profiting from the great capability of aluminum sheet, solid consumption obstruction, and lighter weight, numerous enterprises use aluminum sheet as a substitute for conventional metal materials. Accordingly, numerous aluminum sheet producers have arisen lately. Aluminum sheet producers might experience abandonment on the outer layer of aluminum sheets while making aluminum sheets. All in all, do you know the purpose behind the imperfections on the outer layer of aluminum sheets?

Mistaken collapsed (collapsed) roll shape, for instance, the heading of the calendar is warmed, which makes the two closures of the roll expand, and the focal point of the expelled sheet is good and bad at the two finishes; and afterward produce folds; when the sheet is calendered, it is not difficult to cause creases; the thickness distinction between the two closures of the sheet is enormous, which is not difficult to deliver overlap, and surface air pockets: the lopsided surface of the ingot is filthy, and there is no surface prior to stacking. Clean off.

In the wake of drawing, there are lingering hints of scratching and washing on the outer layer of the ingot and aluminum sheet; assuming the warming time is too lengthy or the temperature is excessively high, the outer layer of the ingot is oxidized; the ingot breaking: the decreased sum is excessively huge during hot rolling, breaking from the finish of the ingot; projecting The block warming temperature is excessively high or excessively low. Aluminum and aluminum amalgam sheet and strip are provided in hot moved condition, strengthened condition, different grades of delicate state and different intensity treated conditions.

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The planning before hot rolling chiefly incorporates ingot quality investigation, drenching, cutting, processing, aluminum covering and warming, and so on. During semi-persistent projecting, the cooling rate is extremely high, the scattering system in the strong stage is troublesome, and the substance piece inside the ingot is not difficult to frame On the off chance that there are deformities like isolation, slag consideration, scarring and breaks on the outer layer of the ingot, the outer layer of the ingot ought to be processed (see the processing surface of the non-ferrous combination ingot).