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What are the factors that affect the quality of aluminum sheets?


For aluminum sheets, the factors that affect the quality are nothing more than alloy content, mechanical properties, surface quality, sheet shape, etc. Today, the editor will take you to understand the factors that affect the quality of aluminum sheets.

1. The first is the alloy content: the aluminum sheet must meet the required alloy content to ensure performance. This point can basically be achieved by domestic enterprises, mainly by adding various other alloys when the aluminum ingot is melted.
2. The second is the mechanical properties: as long as the annealing time is guaranteed during the annealing process, sometimes when the order quantity is large, many manufacturers reduce the annealing time in order to shorten the delivery time and increase the output, which affects the mechanical properties. One point is actually a more common quality problem.
3. Surface quality: As long as there are surface scratches, color differences, and indentation problems, it is mainly related to the equipment. When the equipment is aging and not operating normally, it often occurs, and it also has a greater relationship with the equipment’s capacity. For example, in our company, There is a large gap in the surface texture of the same products processed by the imported production line and the domestic production line. The obvious texture of the imported production line is fine and the quality of the board surface is better.
4. Plate shape: the more important point is that as long as it is reflected in the flatness, it is affected by leveling machines and stretch bending straightening equipment. Many small companies do not have stretch bending equipment, so they cannot better guarantee the sheet shape, resulting in sheet warping side, waves appearing.

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