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Basic Knowledge of Aluminum Sheet For Construction


Aluminum sheet, sheet type material made of aluminum or aluminum compound material, or sheet type aluminum item produced using level aluminum incipient organism by warming, rolling and fixing, or arrangement maturing warming.

Aluminum sheet utilized in development incorporates single-layer aluminum sheet, composite aluminum sheet and different materials, which generally alludes to single-layer aluminum sheet (additionally called single aluminum sheet or unadulterated aluminum sheet) and is for the most part utilized in compositional improvement designing. Aluminum drapery wall is a type of shade wall, which is just made of aluminum sheet rather than glass drapery wall. Aluminum drape wall is fundamentally utilized for wall insurance and no light wall, unfamiliar aluminum shade wall utilizes single-layer aluminum sheet. Concerning the aluminum drapery wall as of now utilized in China, single-layer aluminum sheet is all the more regularly utilized, in light of the fact that it can get an assortment of variety splashed surface, great strength, minimal expense, long life, while possibly not in that frame of mind with steel, aluminum sheet held tight the wall, 50 years won’t tumble off and erosion.

Examination of composite aluminum sheet and aluminum combination sheet

Material. Composite aluminum sheet: two layers of 0.5mm thick unadulterated aluminum sheet sandwiched by PVC or PEC plastic roller press, heat reinforced; Aluminum compound sheet: 2-3mm aluminum amalgam sheet.

Fluorocarbon covering. Composite aluminum sheet: once roller printing, covering thickness is for the most part 20μm; Aluminum amalgam facade: 2 or multiple times splashing, it is by and large 30-40μm to cover thickness.

The variety. Aluminum composite board: can pick different varieties, variety framework is primarily separated into monochrome and ghost variety framework, protected variety items with a film surface, great solidness, great variety personality; Aluminum compound facade: can be as per the plan and proprietor’s necessities of erratic variety.

Life length. Composite aluminum sheet: homegrown sheet around 10 years, imported sheet tone and strength can arrive at over 20 years, support free; Aluminum amalgam facade: as long as 15 years, because of environment and wind pressure disfigurement, the surface tone spent.

Air snugness. Composite aluminum sheet: four corners open; Aluminum amalgam facade: four corners welded tight.

Protection from wind. Composite aluminum sheet: wind pressure deformity is little, imported composite sheet wind pressure strength is extremely high; Aluminum combination facade: enormous deformity protection from wind pressure, simple to distortion.

Temperature opposition. Composite aluminum sheet: the composite sheet handled by common sticking cycle, the development coefficient of aluminum sheet and plastic is unique, simple to happen frothing and stripping peculiarity; Aluminum combination facade: a similar material, the wall board itself has no impact when the temperature changes.

Protection from lightning. Composite aluminum sheet: not lightning obstruction, solid flow is hard to ground through the composite aluminum sheet, 0.5mm thick aluminum sheet will be separated; Aluminum compound facade: can be utilized as a decent channel of power, through the structure establishing framework to lightning strike immense current immediately moved to the ground.

Processability. Composite aluminum sheet: can be handled nearby, can adapt to the site development blunder brought by the size change; Aluminum combination facade: creation production line, adjust to the site development mistake is poor, high prerequisites for auxiliary plan.

Pace of completed item. Composite aluminum sheet: for the most part 80% – – 95%; Aluminum amalgam facade: 100 percent.

Pace of completed item. Composite aluminum sheet: Manual activity of the gouging groove nearby, on the off chance that the profundity of the section isn’t very much controlled, it will hurt the external aluminum sheet, bringing about twisting break and byproducts. The completed item rate is for the most part 96% – – 98%; Aluminum amalgam facade: creation plant, industrial facility completed item rate is 100 percent.

Ecological assurance. Composite aluminum sheet: center material determination, the general center material in high temperature will deliver hurtful gas, no fire, difficult to recuperate; Aluminum compound facade: flame resistant, simple to reuse, doesn’t contaminate the climate.

Extent of use. Composite aluminum sheet: appropriate for drape wall designing; Aluminum compound facade: Reasonable for veneer adornment, raised hallway, passerby span, low shade wall.

The structure shade wall market is progressively wealthy in items, shaping a broadened market structure with aluminum, plastic, wood and steel as the really four materials. The use of new materials and new innovations will create all the more new items. Aluminum drape wall items contrasted and different businesses, the item hole is little, the opposition is more savage. Aluminum drapery wall appearance shape can be broadened, and can be impeccably joined with glass shade wall material, stone drapery wall material. Its light weight is just a single fifth of the marble, is 33% of the glass shade wall, incredibly diminishing the heap of the structure design and establishment, and the support cost is low, the cost of execution is high.

The outer layer of the aluminum drape wall is by and large treated with chrome and afterward fluorocarbon showering. Fluorocarbon covering has fantastic consumption opposition and climate obstruction, corrosive downpour obstruction, salt splash opposition and different air poisons, great cold and intensity obstruction, can major areas of strength for oppose illumination, can keep drab for quite a while, long help life.