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Aluminum Sheet 1 To 7 series Application Introduction


Series 1: Al unadulterated aluminum

Highlights: Aluminum content over 99.00%, great electrical conductivity, great consumption opposition, great welding execution, low strength, not heat treatment to reinforce.

Application: High immaculateness aluminum (containing over 99.9% aluminum) is fundamentally utilized in lighting machines, reflection boards, adornments, synthetic industry compartments, heat sinks, broke down wiring, conductive materials and unique purposes.

Normal grade: 1050 (containing 99.5% or more aluminum) expelled curls for use in the food, substance and blending businesses. 1060 (aluminum content of over 99.6%) is utilized for erosion obstruction and high formability, however the strength of the event isn’t high.

Series 2: Al-Cu aluminum-copper combination

Highlights: Aluminum combination with copper as the really composite component. Manganese, magnesium, lead and bismuth are likewise added for machinability. The impediment is that the intergranular erosion propensity is serious.

Application: Aeronautics industry (2014 composite), screw (2011 amalgam) and high temperature industry (2017 combination).

Run of the mill grade: 2011 compound, aluminum sheet quick cutting amalgam, great cutting and high strength, yet unfortunate consumption obstruction. 2014 compound utilized in avionic business, high strength. The 2017 compound is somewhat serious areas of strength for less the 2014 amalgam, yet more straightforward to work with. Composite for fashioning aluminum sheet. Prevalent high temperature strength yet unfortunate erosion obstruction. Cylinder, elastic framing kick the bucket, general intensity safe get together. 2017 aluminum sheet has high strength, great low and high temperature attributes, incredible dissolvability, yet unfortunate erosion opposition. Cryogenic holders, route machines.

Series 3: Al-Mn aluminum-manganese combination

Highlights: Aluminum combination with manganese as the primary alloying component, can not be fortified by heat treatment, great erosion obstruction, otherwise called rust proof aluminum, great welding execution, great versatility. The burden is low strength, yet can be fortified by chilly work solidifying. Creating coarse grains during annealing is simple.

Application: Consistent oil guide tube (3003 amalgam) utilized in airplane, jars (3004 combination).

Series 4: Al-Si aluminum-silicon combination

Highlights: For the most part silicon, not generally utilized. Some series 4 combinations can be reinforced by heat treatment, yet some series 4 amalgams can’t be heat treated.

Regular brand: 4032 great intensity and erosion opposition and little warm extension coefficient. Cylinder, chamber head. Less cementing shrinkage, with sulfuric corrosive anodized treatment of normal silver hair tone. Dissolving wiring, building boards.

Series 5: Al-Mg aluminum magnesium combination

Highlights: Principally magnesium. Great obstruction, great welding execution, great exhaustion strength, not heat treatment to reinforce, can cold handling to work on the strength.

Applications: Handle of yard cutter, airplane gas tank course, body protective layer.

Common grade: 5005 aluminum sheet strength is equivalent to 3003 aluminum sheet, great machinability, solvency, consumption obstruction, anodic oxidation alteration handling is great, and 6063 shape variety match. Application: development inside and outside, vehicle inside, transport inside. 5052 aluminum sheet is the most delegate combination of medium strength, with great erosion obstruction, solvency and formability, particularly high exhaustion strength and seawater opposition. Utilizes: General sheet metal, ships, vehicles, development, bottle cap, honeycomb sheet. 5652 aluminum sheet restricts the polluted components of 5052 aluminum sheet, and represses hydrogen peroxide division of the composite, different attributes of 5052 with hydrogen peroxide compartment.

Series 6: Al-Mg-Si aluminum-Mg-silicon amalgam

Highlights: Primarily magnesium and silicon. Mg2Si is the most broadly involved combination as the principal fortifying stage. Medium strength, great consumption opposition, great welding execution, great interaction execution (simple to expel shaping), great oxidation shading execution.

Application: Right now the most generally utilized combination, energy apparatuses, (for example, car baggage rack, entryway, window, body, radiator, compartment shell).

Commonplace grade: 6063, 6061 most utilized, 6061 is essentially utilized for airplane parts, camera parts, Marine adornments, valve parts, a wide range of equipment and electronic embellishments. The strength of 6063, 6060 and 6463 is generally low in the 6 series. 6262, 6005, 6082 and 6061 are of high strength in the 6 series.

Series 7: Al-Mg-Zn-Cu aluminum-Mg-zinc-copper compound

Highlights: For the most part zinc, a modest quantity of magnesium, copper, has a place with the flying series, is aluminum magnesium zinc copper compound, heat treatment composite, has a place with really hard aluminum combination, has great wear obstruction, likewise has great weldability, yet unfortunate consumption opposition. The hardness of superhard aluminum combination is near that of steel. The expulsion speed is more slow than that of series 6 composite, and the welding execution is better.

Application: flight (airplane load-bearing parts, landing gear), rockets, propellers, space apparatus.

Average grade: 7050 for airplane primary parts for medium and thick sheet, expelled parts, free producing and kick the bucket manufacturing. 7075 is utilized for assembling airplane underlying parts, as well as high pressure primary parts with high strength and solid consumption opposition, pass on assembling, and so on.