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Common Quality Defects of Aluminum Coil


Aluminum coil is a metal product for flying shear by casting and rolling machine after calendering and bending processing. Aluminum coil is widely used in electronics, packaging, construction, machinery and other aspects. There are many Chinese aluminum coil production enterprises, and the production technology has caught up with developed countries. However, it is inevitable to encounter some quality defects in the manufacturing of aluminum coil. Then, what are the common quality defects of aluminum coil?

1. Composite layer shedding: irregular defects formed when the aluminum cladding layer of composite material leaves the matrix and falls off.

2. Embossing: The irregular color difference of the roll surface is periodically printed to the surface of the strip in the rolling process due to the wrinkling of the strip, broken strip and other reasons.

3, wave: plate, strip due to uneven deformation of a variety of different uneven phenomenon of the general name. The wave produced by the edge of the board and the band is called the edge wave, the wave produced in the middle is called the middle wave, the wave between the middle and the edge is neither in the middle nor on either side is called the two-ribbed wave, the smaller and usually round wave is called the broken wave.

4, warping: after rolling or cutting, strip edge warping.

5. Side bending: the longitudinal side of the plate and belt shows a non-flat state of bending to a certain side.

6. Collapse: the core of the roll is seriously deformed and the roll shape is not round.

7. Split-layer: irregular movement between the end layer and the layer of strip, resulting in uneven end surface.

8, tower: with the layer and layer to one side channeling the formation of tower migration.

9. Loose coiling: the looseness between layers when winding and unwinding occurs, and the whole volume is affected when it is serious.

10. Bird’s nest: local V-shaped defects on the end face of the belt roll. These are produced after winding or unwinding, and some are not produced until they have been placed for a period of time. Defects in the coiling process

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